Career opportunities

SUPAERO Graduate Program turns out high level managers for the European aerospace industry and various sectors of the economy where the implementation of major projects requires knowledge of advanced technologies.

The quality of training is widely recognised by the industrial world with which the program institution maintains close links at all levels.

SUPAERO engineers: control of complex systems

Half of SUPAERO engineers find employment in the aeronautics and space sectors, and the fields of advanced technologies. The challenge facing future SUPAERO engineers is to master a broad range of disciplines that apply well beyond the aerospace sector and include interactions with them: this is the system approach.

Training general engineers

Graduates have acquired real qualities of adaptation, global vision and decision-making with a training in the engineer’s basic scientific and technical disciplines, quality training in management, the economy and business engineering, and training by projects. A varied range of skills and qualitiesof adaptation answer to industrialists’ needs for managers with high potential.

étudiants de la formation SUPAERO